How the Legacy began?

Around a century ago, Shri Pesharmal Chawla established himself as one of the most known jewellers of his day and that is when the journey started. Shri Pesharmal Ji Chawla used to assist the royals in the 1880s with their requests for fine jewels and other types of gold jewellery. After that, in 1896, his son Shri Nathumal Chawla established a business in Lahore's Anarkali Bazaar. We had to relocate to India after Independence, and the family business in Jaipur resumed on a relatively small scale. Then, in 1948, a store at Chandni Chowk in Delhi was established. In 1950, came to Lucknow, where we established a store in Aminabad.

We gradually began to grow more in this Lucknow and in 1971 we also began to expand into the diamond jewellery sector. In 1985, we progressively transitioned from selling Diamond jewellery to also making it. The success of this company has been greatly influenced by the collaborative efforts and customer-focused attitude of Shree Motilal Chawla and his subsequent generations. Shree Rajendra Kumar Chawla, his late son, was a gem of a person and a living legend. His knowledge of the jewellery industry and his friendly demeanour contributed to the brand's increased popularity. He served as a mentor to many people and was the true driving force behind this organisation's success.

Shree Motilal Chawla

Shree Rajendra Kumar Chawla

The Expansion

In 2012, we launched a brand-new showroom selling 100% Hallmark and Certified Jewellery that is located right opposite the Aminabad underground parking.

Mr Sanjay Chawla, who embodies both ambition and an entrepreneurial mindset, debuted the Punjab Jewellers And Sons flagship store, which features the most upscale designs and magnificent gems. Every customer enjoys shopping for jewellery from us thanks to his immaculate diamond knowledge and entertaining sales style and everyone is treated to his unmatched hospitality. Due to the store's distinctive collection and decades of experience, Punjab Jewellers And Sons has established a strong reputation and has become a destination for jewellery aficionados.

We have set up an inhouse diamond jewellery manufacturing unit in 2018 to have a complete quality control of the jewellery that we create along with an inhouse design team to bring the dream jewellery into reality. Any design that a client wishes for or wants to get customised can now easily be created. We get a CAD model of the desired jewellery ready and upon approval by the client, we further process it and get the dream jewellery into reality.

Mr. Sanjay Chawla

The Road Ahead

Mr Akshay Chawla, a postgraduate from the University of Warwick, a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America, and the elder son of Mr Sanjay Chawla, joined the family business to carry on the rich legacy of Punjab Jewellers and Sons and to advance the entity further on the map of success.

He is accompanied by his younger brother, Mr Aditya Chawla, who graduated from the International Gemological Institute with a degree in diamonds and jewellery CAD designing. He promises to uphold and improve the company's reputation by offering highest quality cutting-edge jewellery designs and the best possible customer service. Together, they represent the evolution of traditional jewellery-making to keep up with modern trends. They have filled the store with a contemporary viewpoint, which is evident in the products paired with timeless, traditional designs and styles to provide the perfect kind of jewellery for each customer.

In 2021, we expanded to omni channel retail, having tie ups with ecommerce marketplaces like Flipkart and have recently started our own ecommerce platform to cater to the wider market. Through this platform, we have introduced new features like FREE TRY AT HOME anywhere in Lucknow so our clients can try the jewellery at their own convenient time and place and buy accordingly. Hassle free, comfortable and an amazing customer experience is what we believe in.

Mr. Akshay Chawla

Mr. Aditya Chawla

Our Mission

We have provided the highest quality goods in gold and brilliant diamonds, exquisite finejewellery in Lucknow, priceless presents, and unique styles to generations of families as their trusted jewellers. Our goal has always been to inform and assist our clients in the best way possible so that they can make the best decisions for themselves on current and future trends in buying and investing ingold and diamond jewellery. We assist them by offering sound advice for the long-term growth of their labour-intensive assets. Our goal will always be to provide you with the finest jewellery and unique designs while keeping up with changing fashions to serve you for generations. We have been recognised as having thebest gold jewellery in Lucknow by our esteemed clients. The team at Punjab Jewellers and Sons is always there to assist you in selecting the ideal jewellery. We are committed to offering the highest degree of customer satisfaction to all of our clients.

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