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 Q. What is Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery?

 AHallmarking is a process to certify the gold jewellery that we buy. It accurately determines and officially records the proportionate content of gold in the jewellery/artefacts or bullion/coins. For example: If you have gold jewellery engraved with 22K916 hallmark stamp, then it means the purity of that product is 22 Karat and it has 91.6% of gold component in it, the rest 8.4% being other metals like silver, zinc.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) mandates hallmarking of gold jewellery in India. According to BIS, there are two prime objectives of the hallmarking scheme:

  1. To safeguard the consumers from adulteration
  2. To obligate manufacturers/retailers to maintain legal standards of purity/fineness


Q. What is the process of Hallmarking Jewellery? 

A. Hallmarking process is carried out in three steps:

  •  Homogeneity Testing – A sample lot having the items are taken to check and ensure all regulatory standards of BIS are followed.


  • Purity Testing – This is a complex process as it involves detailed testing of all the items. A preliminary test is carried out on the surface of every selected item after which smaller samples are taken from these items for further in depth examination. The next step involves A&H centers to carry out intense assaying to find out the purity/fineness of gold and other alloys in the jewellery.


  • Marking Individual ItemsOn the basis of test results, hallmark stamp is engraved on the jewellery via laser, hand or press marking. If any item of gold jewellery does not meet the hallmarking requirements i.e it is of lower purity/fineness then the A&H centre rejects that particular item and is authorized to melt it as well. A&H centres under the mandate of BIS forms the backbone of India’s hallmarking process.


 Q. What are the 3 Grades of Hallmark Gold Jewellery?

A. The Indian Standard on Gold Hallmarking IS 1417:2016 specifies three grades for hallmarking of gold jewellery and the A&H centres can give hallmark only for these three grades of purity. The table below shows the hallmark stamp and purity it reflects:

Gold - Karat and Fineness Table

 Q. Where is Hallmarking done?

A. Hallmarking of jewellery takes place in the licensed Assaying and Hallmarking (A&H) centres which have been authorized and recognized by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) after verifying the infrastructure requirements, capability and competency of personnel carrying out the hallmarking.

According to BIS, as on 31st March, 2020 there are 915 licensed Assaying and Hallmarking centres across India and 30,626 registered jewellers under BIS selling hallmarked jewellery.


Q. How to check Hallmark on your gold jewellery?

A. There are four components which makes a Hallmark stamp and you should look for in your jewellery product to ensure it is actually hallmarked. They are as follows:

 BIS Logo – The first component engraved in hallmarked gold jewellery is the logo of BIS which indicates that the fineness is verified by one of it’s licensed A&H centre.


Purity in Karat and Fineness – The second component depicts the purity of gold in Karat and Fineness. For example: If your gold jewellery has 18K750 hallmark stamp engraved, then it means the purity of that product in Karat is 18K and in fineness it is 750 which shows it has 75% gold component in it, the rest 25% being other alloys like silver, zinc.


Assaying and Hallmarking Centre’s Identification Mark/Number – The third component is the logo of a licensed A&H centre. You can check for full licensed Assaying and Hallmarking centres’ list on BIS website.


Jeweller’s Identification Mark – The last component shows the logo of registered jeweller from whom you have purchased the jewellery. This mark can be of the registered retailer or jewellery manufacturer.




NOTE: The complete list of registered BIS Jewellers can be checked on the BIS website. You should always check for the Hallmark stamp (as shown above) on your jewellery before buying. Always ask the jeweller to show it using a magnifying glass and look for these 4 components which constitutes a Hallmark stamp.


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